March 4, 2013

It is a year or more since I decided to do this project. To choose one of my songs to represent as many of the different types of love I have witnessed and/or felt. Every time I have thought about it it has seemed clear and interesting. Every time I have commenced it I have over thought it and lost my feel for it.

The idea came out of my feelings about love. When I was younger I believed in only one kind of love. Now I believe there are many types of emotions and feelings that count as love. Each is proof of the reach and power of love. Each is valid and true, beautiful and tender, sincere and long lasting.

Over time my songwriting has grown from its early focus on that one type of love, to finding stories of love in many life experiences. I thought there could easily be twenty types of love I have written about. We shall see how many I have at the end..

This is a work in progress. I am going to begin it and see what comes. In no particular order at first. I will change it if it needs to flow in a different way. One day I will add the thoughts and feelings of an other to all of this.

Loving the one person, forever though you will never see them again
Out amongst the daydreams is dearest Caroline
waiting for a summer breeze to bring him back to her
while the wind blows hard against her face
and another year has passed her by
his faithful Caroline still displays her patient graceCAROLINE.html
Growing apart without even knowing it
When it’s raining here and i'm writing songs for you
if i don't hear from you i'm lonelier than a sparrow in the willow
and on a beach somewhere you scan the far horizons
and when you don't hear from me you're lonelier than ever its the truth
lonelier than ever its the truthSPARROW.html
Long distance love
If i could fly away i'd leave my world
to fly straight into yours
id happily leave, my worldly goods
to share your distant shoresLALITA.html
Seeing someone you love being hurt by someone they love
You didn't ask for another song to tell you how you feel
and you don't need a spotlight upon your weary face
you know it best when your child is crying
and your heart pounds in your breast
and there's no-one there, for youHOMEAGAIN.html
Even when a proposal is rejected - it is still love
You say you'll never marry it's just a matter of being free 
but I don’t know that your reasons make much sense to me
‘cause we look good on the dance floor or walking along the street
even when my friends are sayin’ that you're way out of my reachPROPOSAL.html
Drawn into love that can never last
Drifting across the wide open spaces 
stuck east of nowhere where the winter rages
he called out a name in a crowded cafe
and he opened a heart