Once upon a time there was a real life band called Nicholls, Llewellyn and MacCarthy whose music had just about come to an end. SecondLife (SL) gave us the chance to do our music together again and so it was that Somerset, Oh & Rhode was born.

SOAR began gigs in SL in March 2009 playing their own compositions and by the end of 2011 had played 170 original songs in over 620 concerts at venues across secondlife.

Varying described as the bad boys of ballads and the masters of moooshiness SOAR shows ranged between the purest of acoustic ballads and rockier sets (featuring backing tracks), with fun, a generous helping of mayhem and we hope, songwriting splendors.

SOAR took a break at the beginning of 2012 but Bright continues to share the songs of SOAR in solo gigs in SecondLife.

Somerset, Oh and Rhode is SOAR

SOAR is -

Mariposa Upshaw - Manager

Charles Somerset and Bright Oh - share the guitar playing and lead vocals

Experiment Rhode - keyboards and backing vocals