Sparrow In The Willow

When its raining here and i'm writing songs for you

if i don't hear from you i'm lonelier than a sparrow in the willow

and On a beach somewhere you scan the far horizons

and when you don't hear from me you're lonelier than ever its the truth

lonelier than ever its the truth

It's about love

it's about friends

it's about you

it's about me

it's about the things we didn't see

When it's winter here its summer dresses in your city

and you dont understand the time i spend watching embers in a fire

When its winter there the sun shines here ‘til midnight

and you are by yourself pretending that my pillow is speaking

lonelier than ever its the truth

As you play my songs you recall how well you knew me

you shed a tear or two remembering your sparrow in the willow

When i think of you its all bright lights and fashion

and all the things i feel get drowned out in the madness of the traffic

lonelier than ever its the truth


Who hasn’t heard or said these words, “we’ve grown apart”. It can happen when you see each other every day, if you live together, when there has been substantial change in one persons life and not the other. This category sits easily along side another, “Long Distance Love”. With a twist.

Two people in love, living on opposite sides of the world, who can romantically and poetically compare the things which contrast in their lives - the weather and the clothes they wear, and then just as easily can see how the contrasts define how each has changed.

Neither meant to change, or even knew they were. It is still love - just not in love anymore.

The risks of love are always worth it, I think.