1. Seems that you and i were just a day
from being, in love again
you wore the dress we bought in Paris
When we drove to St Tropez
but then we ran from the songbirds serenade

2. We always said that we would know 
the warning signs when we were too close
but when our arms brushed just lightly
as we climbed the Eiffel Tower
we should have run with a songbirds adios

3. We moved to cities far apart 
still hoping to spare our hearts
but with a simple card from Venice
full of memories and more
we should have run before the songbirds song could start

4. There was a moment like before 
breathless entwined and more
but as the sun rose over London
and i heard you close the door 
too late to run from the songbird anymore

Yes we were young
yes we were younger then
and yes we are smarter than before
but we should have run when the songbird sang again
Are we ever prepared for a chance encounter with an ex-partner. Perhaps we are in the early days after a separation. Perhaps we always are if we continue to live and work in close proximity to them. But what if you have moved far apart and enough time has passed for life and love to have moved on, and then you run into them.
People who have experienced this know just what I mean! So, does love for another, for an ex,  ever really completely die, or is it more true that you can never take back that you loved someone.