For as long as YOU have known me, I have been singing. For the last ten years in particular I have been doing performances on the internet in an online world called SecondLife. If you ‘played’ secondlife you would be able to come to one of my shows and chat and dance and lots of other things as you listen. But it is also possible to listen in without having to set foot in secondlfe.

I am essentially streaming my performance from my home studio/computer into secondlife for people to listen to, and it is just as simple to do so to your laptop, phone or computer. So here are the instructions - as simple as I can make them. The whole thing isn’t fool proof but it should all work most of the time.

A few disclaimers & a bit more information

  1. I perform as a person named Bright Oh. I do this to protect the good name of the family.

  2. I do carry on like a bit of a goose at times, because I am a bit, and because the audiences are very interactive - they are asking me questions, tipping me, and I may be promoting the people who will be taking the stage after me. I may be flirting with a woman named Precious Rallier - so be ready for that.

  3. People in secondlife have very imaginative names, like Bright Oh, so if you hear strange names, that’s them.

  4. There are somewhere between 10 and 50 people at my shows.

  5. All the songs I perform (250-300 of them) are either written by me, by a handful of my friends, or in collaboration with these same friends. So you wont be hearing my version of Like A Virgin by Madonna anytime soon.

  6. My shows last for 60 minutes, starting on the hour. With a little overlap to switch over from other performers before and after me. My STREAM wont start for you before I am actually LIVE - so don’t panic.

  7. The music is being streamed and therefore it can be affected by buffering and technical stuff, at my end and yours. It is unpredictable like this. Try again another time if it gets annoying.


All your internet gadgets can stream sound. The way to tune into my stream is to put URLs like this into your itunes, or browser, or watever.

In your browser you will be taken to a page like this. Click on LISTEN

In your ITUNES you will probably have an option called OPEN STREAM, or similar, click on that and put the same URL into the box. Hey presto.


This is relatively simple if we work from whatever timezone I am in - so whatever time it is in NSW, Australia. I have 3 regular shows, fortnightly, where the time and the URL stay the same (mostly). Watch out for daylight savings changes

I also do one-off shows, spontaneous shows, private shows, and shows just for you if you really wanted :)

When and if I do any extra shows I will list them here - so maybe this is a good page to bookmark :)


Every second Saturday at MIDDAY

(18 July, 1 August, 15 August etc)

Every second Sunday at 7PM

(19 July, 2 August, 16 August etc)

Every second Monday at 10PM

(6 July, 20 July, 3 August etc)

WOOT THATS ALL FOLKS! Let me know if you run into any problems.

EMAIL me at my usual email address or at