The Proposal

You say you'll never marry it's just a matter of being free

but I don’t know that your reasons make much sense to me

‘cause we look good on the dance floor or walking along the street

even when my friends are sayin’ that you're way out of my reach

Sand in my eyes and water in my blood   

sugar on my tongue will never be as sweet as your love

Tell me that you see us in the middle of a fight huddled so warm and close

tell me that you know in the middle of the night that you'll never let me go

They say you're moving somewhere east west north or south from here

but you'll miss the sidewalk cafes and the friends who met you there

and I'm not just talking to use up some nervous air

so here is the part I promised I would share

Higher than hope but sadder now I know 

I guess this is the part where I have to let you go

sand in my eyes and water in my blood

sugar on my tongue will never be as sweet as  love

You say you're moving on but it's difficult to leave

New York's been your Paris and Milan wont let you be

It’s one foot after another but too many hearts to leap

when all your friends are saying  these are the things to keep

A moment in time when everything can change, but it is still love. Emotions flit between trying to understand, and being resigned to letting someone go, and it is still love. From restatements of love, to understanding the others feelings - but it is still love.