If I Could (Lalita’s Song)

If i could fly away i'd leave my world

to fly straight into yours

id happily leave, my worldly goods

to share your distant shores

If i could swim for miles and miles

i'd swim to your far off land

my only goal to be with you

where we'd lay upon the sand

If i, could soar, i’d reach the stars

then look down on you and smile

i'd beckon you to meet me there

and we'd live and love awhile

But i cant fly or swim or soar

but my dreams i can pursue

and in my dreams im in your arms

and my heart belongs to you

I'd gladly change, my entire world

and leave everything i know

for waiting on the other side

is a love as pure as snow

Will you wait for me until that day 

are you willing to take a chance

to join your life and heart with mine

are you ready to start our dance


There may always have been, “long distance love” but I wonder whether the possibilities for it have ever been so near.

There are those who meet and fall in love while being in the same place and then move away from each other, but this category is about those who fall in love having never met. Fall in love with someone who you’ve never met or seen in real life I hear you ask. Yep, put me down as a believer.

Indeed it is one of many wonderful and profound things about a place I spend some time, the virtual world known as, SecondLife. I love that this happens. I admire the courage these people show by following their hearts no matter how and where they found their true love. I know it teaches me something about how the seeds of love are truly sown, unrestricted by place, distance and tangible things.

I couldn’t have written better words than these by Lalita Graves, to explore “long distance love”.