Jukeboxes and things


I had a Rockola Jukebox way back in the 80’s. It was a 428 Grand Prix 2, circa 1966. It outlasted my interest in 80s music but finally succumbed to lack of use when mobile music, and digital music began their takeover of the world. But, if you’ve ever known a Jukebox, your own or just as the pub or bar or cafe you loved, well you know you never fall out of love with all that Jukeboxes represent.

I moved on to an Akai Cassette Deck that could search for the gap between songs - much like a CD player. And a Sony Walkman. Then I moved into CD players and ones that could play multiple CDs. Then finally the ipod, iphones and itunes.

One day my itunes library hit the 40,000 song mark and it occurred to me that the more music I had the less I loved music overall. I became an admirer of the technical excellence of music, but nostalgic for the music of decades past and the place it had in my life then.

From this nostalgia I decided to buy a JB again, a records one so I could play the old 45s I still had. Even before I found one to buy I began to buy old records so I would have an excellent choice to choose from. I agonised over the condition of the records I was buying because I had spent 30 years knowing only pristine noiseless digital music. Once I had it home, and plugged in, and half filled with records, and I put my $2 into it, and got down to choosing my 3 songs, I had my eureka moment.

It wasn’t about noise, or endless choices and collecting 40000 songs just because I could, it was about spending my $2 and picking exactly what I wanted to hear at that moment. It hadn’t felt like this for 30 years.

I now have more than 1, and I have CD jukeboxes as well as the record ones. I’m still collecting Jukeboxes and records so let me know if you have  stash!