Home Again

You didn't ask for another song 

to tell you how you feel

and you don't need a spotlight

upon your weary face

you know it best when your child is crying

and your heart pounds in your breast

and there's no-one there for you

Sometimes weak but always strong

all the things required of

brokenhearted people everywhere

yes i can tell when the wind is howling

west across the lake

when i see your tears begin to fall


God give you strength now

for better days will come

when your heart will find its' home again

Rest your head upon my chest

you've done enough today

i don't know if you believe it still

but i love you to this day

Yes you can tell me when the wind is blowing

east across the bay

but i'll be there for you anyway

No you didn't ask for another song

that pretends its all ok

and i know that i'm not  the one

who can  make it go away

but i wont let you cry alone

when there's room in my heart for you

cause i love you anyway