The 4th Anniversary of SOAR

SOAR celebrated its fourth anniversary in March 2013. Experiment approached some of SecondLife’s most adored , gifted, respected and generous musicians to see if they would like to do some new versions of SOAR songs to mark the occasion. These songs are the extraordinary result.



Marky Helstein 

Marky chose  a song out of the SOAR Vault, the  previously unperformed song called, TAKE THE RISK.

Can’t thank him enough for saving another song from the vault with his superb performance and production.

Mamaa Saiz

Mamaa chose one of SOAR’s newer songs, UNEXPECTED as well as doing a new version of a song he already performs in SecondLife, FRAGILE NOTES. Beautifully updated and including Beth Odets on violin.


Denny chose one of SOAR’s gentlest ballads, CRYSTAL and added such a wonderfully tender and heartfelt performance of it (backed with his  exquisite guitar playing) that you will think you know Marky better because of it. So touching..

ReggieSunset Rookswood

Reggie chose one of SOAR’s simple and much loved songs, IN TO MAGIC. If anyone can make the simple, the well known and the loved even more beautiful, then it is Reggie. Listen.

Chapman Zane

Chapman took one of SOAR’s sing along rockier tunes and turned it on its head with some new hooks, lyrics and structure, and then unleashed his arsenal of guitar magic on it. Mazin’. How cool to be joint songwriters with the obscenely talented, Chap!

Shannon Oherlihy

Shannon took on two of SOAR’s best known tunes, BRINDABELLA, and I FALL and reinterpreted them in a way only Shannon could do. Soulful, melodic, and with a magical accompaniment.


Quant took on, Jasmine the second song in the Jasmine trilogy. It is a song that bridges the unexpected meeting of two people in the first song, and the wonders and innocence of their love in the third. Only Quantamis could turn the humble “middle song” into a treasure all of its own.

Michael Wells

Michael also took a song from the SOAR vault, one that we had tried to complete on so many occasions. Songwriters who know this feeling, the “why cant i do justice to this song” feeling will understand. When you hear what Michael has done with this song you will wonder why it wasn’t completed years ago. Well that’s because only Michael could have. What a wonderful job, Michael and what a song you have turned it into.

Beth Odets

Beth already features on one of SOAR’s best, WILLOW TREE with her perfect violin backing. What drove her to chose two rockier tunes from the SOAR catalogue, PALE BLUE PERSUASION and HEART OF THE CRIME and give them the most amazing makeover, I don’t know, but I do know these will knock you out. Such a feel for lyrics and how to make songs come alive.

Experiment and Charles (TIME)

As part of putting this incredible project together (all Experiment’s work) he coerced Charles to dig into the SOAR vault and to finish two more long neglected SOAR tunes. I call it guitar meets guitar meets guitar! Fantastic these are finished Charles and Experiment! Excellent work!