Dearest Caroline

Out amongst the daydreams is dearest Caroline

waiting for a summer breeze to bring him back to her

while the wind blows hard against her face

and another year has passed her by

his faithful Caroline still displays her patient grace

Out there along the wet sands walks dearest Caroline

waiting for the tide to turn and bring him back to her

but as the waves pull strong around her feet

and the lighthouse warns of stormy days ahead

his dearest Caroline welcomes home her silent grief

Out there amongst the brave ones waits dearest Caroline

she waits for things that others say are surely lost in time

and when these fears hang heavy on her heart

she says his name, until it all seems clear

his patient Caroline the same as at their start

Out there amongst the missing roams dearest Caroline

No fairer woman waiting and soon be twenty years

not a single day forgotten

nor another lover taken in

his faithful Caroline keeps her promise ‘til the end

Pray soon the angels answer dearest Caroline

and bring her love and happiness to last a hundred years

may she finally know the reasons

may she finally understand

for dearest Caroline still waiting for her man