Official Bright bio (July 2013)

Bright is a singer/songwriter and story teller in the finest tradition of, of, well of himself. His shows flow between ballads, mid-tempo rock and ecopolitical rants (unplugged, and/or with backing tracks) with stories so real you will want to cry or burst out laughing and tales so fanciful that you will want to shake him :) He is a prolific songwriter and in 2013 releases his tenth album of new songs all written since he began performing in SL in 2009. His lyrics will touch your heart, his melodies and harmonies will linger on, and it is all served with lashings of sweetness, fun and mayhem.

Bright’s shows are dedicated solely to original music and include his own songs as well as the songs written with his mates from SOAR, Charles and Experiment, another Charles (Doc Warziders in SL) and a handful of happy songwriting collaborations with Mari, Chance, Lalita and Whisper.

Bright’s own words.

I feel as though i am on a wonderful musical journey - one i never quite imagined taking. I am a songwriter, entertainer, singer, producer and guitar player - in about this order of preference. I LOVE writing songs and i LOVE performing them. For now all this is concentrated in the virtual world, SecondLife where it’s friendships and opportunities have renewed my musical journey.

I have spent a lot of time being a singer of other peoples songs and listening to other peoples music and i loved this because it is through the wonders of other peoples music that i discover my own. But now is the time to dedicate myself to my own music and the music written by my friends. I am not trying to appeal to anyone or mimic my songwriting heroes. There will be good songs and ordinary songs - good days and bad days. I am doing it my way - so be it  :)

I am amazed by the appreciation, love and opportunity many people have given me in this journey. I say it often but i don’t know that you truly believe it - you people are so many of my reasons for writing songs and performing them. It would be nothing like the same journey without you. I hope you know who you are - cos you would be embarrassed if i wrote your names here :) So, thank you, truly, for all you have given me. I do know that many of you love some of my music - so i guess we have a pretty good arrangement going here!

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